Saturday, August 25, 2007

Because this bird must sing--

But I'm hating the old patterns.
I have tried to break away from my old blog so many times I can't count 'em.
Well...that's slightly misleading, as I could log in and count the unused blogs pretty easily, but I'm
lazy for such a thing.

The whole point of this is a fresh start to go with my freshly restarted life.
The Back in Black reference is twofold, and quite straightforward:
1. AC/DC kicks a whole array of ass, and my inclination to listen to them tells you that I am neither a teenager nor a wuss. I am a very cool chick, if I do say so myself. (And I do.)
2. I am Irish and fair skinned, with blonde hair that has darkened over the years to a color I don't find suitable for a woman as cool and sex-ay as myself so therefore I dye the curly mass of stuff black. It looks way better than I thought it would.

Ok, so that's enough with the introductions.
I am unable to keep my thoughts to myself, so here they'll sit.
I'm not sure I have the energy to build a whole new network of blogger friends, so perhaps I'll never have any visitors, but that's ok, too.
I do just like to talk to hear myself, after all...
Well isn't that was blogs are for???
Or should I say, aren't those the folks that blogs are for?

This place is starting to feel like home already...
Now, if I could just throw a few more "fuck"s and "goddammit"s around the place, it would really be mine.


Lisa said...

Testes, testes--

Orange said...

Lis, have you seen Celine Dion doing AC/DC? You Shook Me All Night Long, on video. Watch and weep.

Mr. L said...

I must have thrown a few of those words myself - a friend told me my blog has been blocked by her "kid-friendly" filter. I say the thing is too uptight!!

Lisa said...

That's awesome, Mr. L--it gives you street cred, at least, right? Hahaha!

I'm going to click on it now, Orange...I'm holding my breath....