Saturday, September 8, 2007

The concert was KILLER!!

Styx put on a great show,
and Def Leppard was stellar--despite the fact that their drummer appeared to have only one arm.
Who knew??
(Me, for one...)

Possibly more on that in a minute,
but while I was uploading the pictures from the show, all of which are far too glarey to see anything, I found the picture we took on the way to the show!!!!!
So, we live about 7 minutes in good traffic from the venue.
With a couple of "let's try to beat the traffic" bad decisions and the tremendously shitty traffic, that drive took us ONE HOUR AND 34 MINUTES.
Fuckin LAME!
So anyway, as we were driving along we saw this guy walking...
and erupted in laughter, quickly flipping a U-turn and going back to snap a photo.

I wish I would have had the real camera with us, but you can still see.
The dude looked
like him!
He must have been going to a party or something because he had the moon boots,
the jeans, and
the "Vote for Pedro" shirt,
but the hair was ALL. HIM.
Fuckin sweeeeeet!
For a second I thought it was realy him.
So sad.
We also passed this place called "Ab's Drive-In: Home of the Fat Boy"....
It cracked me up.
Abs and greezy burger joints do NOT go together well.

The "small penis" truck conversation from the last post reminded me that I forgot to post the best Moab picture of all!!!!

Heh. Heh....
I can imagine a thousand-foot woman, made of blue mist and green vine hair descending on that protrusion to satisfy herself with an earthquake of an orgasm.

There might be a baby born today!
Dear D went to the hospital this morning and I haven't heard word yet if anything has happened.
She's ten days early, so I wouldn't be surprised if it was a false alarm, but dear Sh. has said it's her day, and you can't really argue with THAT!

Ok, I'm off to the gym.

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Nancy Dancehall said...

Cool, dude. They'll all be singing in my back yard tomorrow night. Seriously. I'm going to go sit on my hill and listen to them. I live that close to the venue.

The Mr. Roboto Tour was one of the best concerts ever. Well, it was at a tender age. Been to a few better ones since then.

Hmmm. Suddenly feeling randy. Wonder why.