Friday, September 21, 2007

I think it's safe to say

I'm plum wore out!
...ok, maybe it's never technically "safe" to say such a dorky thing in public, but still.
It's a safe assumption to make.
That's me.
We've undertaken the arduous task of rearranging our entire house.
Well, that's not true...
the kitchen's still the kitchen and the bathrooms are all pretty much staying put,
but the guest room, the kids' computer room and each of our offices are all being flip-flopped,
(I've never heard that before, but it rhymes and I LIKE IT!).
I am currently installed in my new office, and the boys' computers are set up in their new location, but the guest bed is in the middle of the (basement) family room and my office is completely empty and His looks like it got hit by a tornado.
Of course, it has looked like that for months.
Did you hear that?
It wasn't a gust of wind at your sill, it was my continent drifting exhale.
I'm tired but I'm happy,
I'm brave but I'm chicken shit...

I love this location.

I will have less peace and quiet at certain times of the day,
but I am centrally located again,
and my painting is just above my desk, so I can glance up at it and feel inspired
at any time I want.
My book case is just beside me, carefully organized this time--
top shelf: school
second shelf: all my crazy favorites like Confederacy of Dunces, Chuck Palahniuk, Bukowski, etc
third shelf: sets, like Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles, Narnia, Ender, and of course the Harry Potter books*
fourth shelf: reference stuff, and first-run-at-college text books
bottom shelf: stuff I can't bring myself to dis, because I did enjoy them, but they're just less noteworthy, like Mary Higgins Clark and Clive Cussler...
I'm sure you were all just dyyyyying to know...
Turns out I have an almost-compulsion to list stuff.

Eh, whatever.
We brought the books up in armfuls and I loved how they looked on the table:

*I just bought the 4 I didn't have in paper back so it's complete, baby!!! Can't wait to read it from the beginning some time. Little known fact about your favorite bored star: I almost NEVER reread books. No matter how much I loved a book I am always too eager to chew up and swallow the next story to fit in rereads. I plan to change this...

The desk and bookcase are both in a reddish tone,
there is a large mirror with a reddish frame,
and the rug has reds in it,
but the best part of my non-Shining-esque Red Room is that when the sun comes in through the soon-to-be-annoying unshuttered windows at the top of the room, the light hitting my hair shows a curious red color!
My hair looks like a tangled ball of yarn, but whatever.
You'll see that I'm either multi-colored or that the camera only captured the red in a certain spot:

All that furniture lugging and organzing tuckered me right out.
So I grabbed the two handsomest redheads I could find and we ate ice cream and popcorn in my bed while watching Ghost Rider.
That movie was awesome!
I love comic book movies.
I had to keep pausing it to answer their questions...
they didn't even know who or what a devil was!
How negligent of a mormon-raised girl am I???
I am kind of glad that they aren't aware of that stuff, but that was still a weird moment.
Still, it was when I explained that the fiery skulled guy was good that they said they wanted to be like him--not just because he was powerful, but because he was a BADASS MOTHERFUCKER and was also trying to help people.
They loved it. I a bad mother...?

After the movie I shuffled them to their beds and finished preparations for the arrival of my overnight guest.
Get your minds out of the gutter--
I have a friend from home who lives a few hours from here and had a date with a Salt Lake guy tonight so she's crashing here.
If only we had finished our grand rearrangement, I wouldn't have had to clean my kids' bathroom...gah--it needed it, though, so I'll be glad I was forced to do it.
I really tend to avoid that bathroom.
Like the plague that's probably growing there.
Nah, it wasn't that bad.
I just really don't clean it as often as I clean the other bathrooms because I know their habits and behaviors.
Anyway, I got everything squared away for her arrival and now, here I am,
happy in the semi-dark of my new location with Journey playing
and a busy weekend leering at me from the next square on my calendar.
It's going to be a good one.
Just busy.

My first round of exams is coming right up.
I am not quite ready, but I should be by the time they hit.
I hope I don't forget to study...
Speaking of being ready, I think I'm ready for some serious snoozology.
Peace out, my ninjas.
(ha! I sound like such a POSER saying that! I'm no ninja--I'm a fucker, not a fighter...)


Bud said...

Swip swapped! I like that one lot. I guess you needed a change. Feels good, doesn't it? I also never reread books. I can't stay awake through the ones I read the first and only time. Part of my sleep disorder thing. Get your ass ready for those exams, girl.

Orange said...

Your temporarily booked-up table? That's pretty much what my bookish grandma's living room coffee table looked like for about 20 years. The stacks weren't quite so high, but the books were a mainstay. They just wouldn't fit on her 7-foot-high wall of bookshelves, you know. (She'd been a self-taught librarian.)

So the boys' computer room is going up in the old guest room now?

I like that your Place for Writing is now in the very center of the house—a place of prominence, "out and proud"—and not sequestered in a sunless nook in the basement. Your inner muse deserves sunlight and access to the fridge!

Mr. L said...

Hmm...sounds like the kids' bathroom would need to be cleaned MORE, not less -- unless you just start calling it a "science project" ! :)

Lisa said...

Easy for you to say, Mr. L--I don't like performing fruitless tasks. I know women who live like that, and I truly pity them. They obsess over the 100% germ free, spot free state of every inch of their homes and you know what? They (and their kids) are sick twice as much as we are, they are uptight and no fun to be around, and what do they have to show for it? Oh, that's right--a sparkling clean ulcer and dishpan hands. I clean my house. It is tidy and most parts of it are clean most of the time--but to keep up with the twinners would require me to become that uptight stepford wife, and frankly, I'm happier with a few germs and a whole ton of happy times. But that's just me. And sorry if I got off on a bit of a rant...I just think there's so much more to life than outer perfection and yet I live in a place where outer perfection is all that seems to matter...

Well, not the guest room you remember, Orange--after Galen had the audacity to leave the party early we moved the guest room back to that room, so the computers are in one of the upstairs bedrooms. The guest room you used has been Cameron's office for the past year. And yes, I love the new location of my desk.

Change is soooo good, Bud. In fact, I'm going to keep repeating that like a mantra...I shall study like I mean it! :)

D-Man said...

Fucking & Fighting, it's all the same...

Mona Buonanotte said...

Dammit, you're good. You rearranged your house, and I can't even get my whiny ass downstairs to clean out the basement.

I want to run my fingers thru your hair, darlin'.... Purdy!

Lisa said...

Any ole time you want, mona, dear!! :) And it was a move of necessity so don't give me too much credit. ;)

Mmm...fighting, fucking, fucking, fighting--sounds like a job for Mighty Man!!

Jerrster said...

would it be bad to say...I'd like to take that hair in a fist and yank that ponytail?

just wonderin?

Lisa said...

No, Jerry, that would be juuust fine. :)

Leesa said...

When I was younger, I rearranged the furniture several times per year. Now, I don't at all. I wish I was not so lazy.