Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Moving day--

Well, as it turns out, the time has come to truly ramble on.
What?? Another blog move already?? What is this girl, NUTS?

Try again...
I'm moving out of this big lovely house.
And back into that smaller lovely house.

No time to talk, but I'll look forward to greeting you all with a smile when I sit down in my new home tomorrow night.

Tomorrow the movers come and everything's packed (well, almost everything) and the best part is that He and I are both ok.
It's hard and scary and sad (just ask my tear-soaked pillow or the tissues littering my floor) but it's what's right for all of us.
Yes, even the kids.
I'd rather not mudsling, so please take my word for it.

I am as shocked as you are, and have had about 42 hours to plan this move, amidst attempts at studying for tests at school so I'm beyond frazzled at the moment.

Will check in tomorrow.


Flygirl said...

Oh damn. I was so hoping that things were going to work out.

Tricia said...

Wow, I had to read that a couple of times to get it to sink in.

I can't even imagine what you must feel like right now.

Thanks for letting us know...lots of love!

Linda said...
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landslide said...

Hello there woman...
Just sending you some good thoughts and hugs even!
Hope the tests and move go well for you! I can't imagine how hard this has all been for you, but Ihope things start getting easier from now on.
Hugs lady!

Lisa said...

These movers are assholes and i will not be using them again. Last I checked, they get paid hourly, not per house so if it takes them more time what the fuck does it matter to them??? they were 3 hours late getting here and we had already gotten everything ready for them so it's not our fault! Grrr. "our" is Becky and I, ust for the record.

p.s. I'm exhausted. :)

simply me said...

thinking of you. holding you close in my heart.


Bud said...

Holy shit! I didn't see this coming at this time. But I'm pretty dense. You have my best wishes and enduring friendship. See you on the return.

Dick said...

This is a surprise to me. As others have said, I thought things were pretty well worked out. I guess we have to wait for the fat lady to sing. You are a strong lady so I am sure will come through this challenge fine. You also have my prayers. They may not fix everything but they sure can't hurt.

richmanwisco said...

Well, from the optimist's point of view, this move may just give the required distance to work things out gradually.

There's something to be said for the notion that trying to stay and slog it out could do more irreversible damage in the end. And even if you don't reconcile, the parting of ways ought not be more harsh than it's already been.

Best wishes Lisa.

Leesa said...


I don't know what to say. I have been nearly as close to moving out, and I was completely scared (not about the movers, mind you). Wishing you all the best - I hope things work out the way that is best for your entire family.

Zuska said...

Moving out is hard. How's that studying going? I can't imagine.

I hope you're okay - hope the boys are good.

I know you WILL be okay (all of you), even if right now is tough.

Thinking of you ....

Mr. L said...

Hmmm....well, hoping it all works out for the best for all of you.

Lisa said...

Mission complete!

I am semi-unpacked, and life is good.

I will have stories and posts and I can't wait to share my new life with you guys!!!!!! I get to have myself back, and it feels SWELL! Swell, I tell ya!

Jerrster said...

Lisa just don't move from here...without leaving a forwarding address. I'd miss the hell out of you.