Thursday, September 6, 2007

Just a little scene from the walls inside my head--

Her heart throbbing in her ears, she clenched her fists and took a deep, if shaky, breath. She sprinted across the last of the grass and was only distantly aware that it was her throat producing the strange growl of terror she heard as if from the other end of a long hallway. Gravel sprayed out each time her bare feet slapped against the ground, propelling her toward the edge of the cliff. With a leap she was over the edge and the world around her went silent and still--just like in the cartoons, she thought.

She squeezed her eyes closed and there, typed across the blackness in 36-point, Times New Roman, "What are you doing?" was searing into her mind.

She felt the wind pushing her up, but not hard enough. For a mere murmur of a moment she panicked. And then her new instincts took over and the muscles in her back found their way to save the rest of her body from being dashed to pieces on the surf-sprayed rocks below. She felt the wind currents shifting aroud her and blinked, startled, as she realized that she was shifting them. She rose higher and higher, soon looking down on the cliff she had used as her springboard, her heart beating wildly with exhilaration, though not with exertion--this she would notice only later.

Lucky soared out over the bay, staying high above the water, hoping that no one would see her, hoping that no one would see the sun reflect off the irridescence of the butterfly-like wings that had recently sprouted from her shoulder blades. She let out a whoop of delight, which terminated with a giggle.

"I'm flying," she said softly.

"I'm FLYYYYYYING!!!!!!!!"

She laughed again and swooped low to get a better look at a mother whale and her calf. They were stunning, awe-inspiring with their sleek lines and graceful expansiveness.


My mission, should I choose to accept it, will be to answer the questions of who is this girl and why do we care.
I hope I make the time to continue this story.

Have a happy weekend, all.


Bud said...

Lisaaa, you got some splainin' ta dooo.

Orange said...

What I wanna know is, why does her mind's eye see things in such a crappy font?

I've dreamed that I was flying a few times—those are dreams that, ideally, would last a good month!

Orange said...

Oh, and tell me this: How do you get the setting for "This blog does not allow anonymous comments?" All I can see is commenting privileges for anyone/only registered users/only members of this blog. Who do ya have to blow to rebuff anonymous commenters? I ask because a friend's blog gets idiotic comments from people who can't even be bothered to make up a fake name for themselves. It'd be nice to be open to non-Blogger folks but make them type in a damn name.

Flygirl said...

Oh I likey!

Nancy Dancehall said...

Hello, darlin'. Good to see you up and flying.

Lisa said...

Whatchoo talkin' 'bout, Bud? I can flyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!

I know, Orange--flying dreams are the single greatest dreams of all times!!!!! And I think her mind's eye has a very simple, basic font, that's all. :)

Well, I don't know from blowing, Orange, but as I recall there was just a simple check box or something...I'll check and email you with exact findings.

I thought it might speak to you, FlyGirl! Wings, wings everywhere!

Flight is my fancy, Nancy dancy! heeheeeheheheee!