Monday, November 19, 2007

Friday, Cry Day

Yes, I know today is Monday, but
Ok, then.

the sadness leaks out of me, riding on the backs of the droplets of salty water slipping over my cheeks...

I am feeling like a piece of driftwood,
pounded by the waves,
ground into the sand,
drowning, and disoriented.

But it'll pass.
And then I'll wonder why I'm upside down on this planet,
or why the moon is backwards,
and then a mood will change and I'll be laughing and drippping wet as I emerge from what was really only a day at the water park...

It's just one of those inexplicably sad days.
Sort of like wiping the slate clean.
It is receding now, and I feel the return of my gentle joy,
a presence in the antechamber, waiting its turn to reside in me.

Nothing happened,
just thoughts.
Thoughts washing over me like those pounding waves I mentioned.
And it's all a part of the process.
Grit my teeth and get through it.

It's going to be a good week.
I already know this.


Orange said...

Monday, Pun Day.

You have to keep the sadness leeks out of your soup. They really ruin the flavor.

richmanwisco said...

It's been a wild year+ for you Lisa. Nobody can possibly keep the upper lip stiff that long.

Tricia said...

Hugs to you.

d-man said...

A wave came crashing, like a fist to the jaw...

It's Tuesday, silly.
Tuesday = Bluesday.

Cheer up. It's almost Wednesday.

Lisa said...

Hump day makes me smiiiiiiiiile...
even when the sun don't shine, (it don't shine at all).


Thomas said...

The sun does shine, and will shine on your lovely countenance soon enough.

Know it's there, like a warm Hawaiian sun, while you surf through the whirling breakers around you:

Tears and ocean water have approximately the same salinity and checmical structure. The differnece is that the ocean keeps coming towards the shore, but the tears will ebb in time.

Ride the wave, drag your fingers through the water, leaving your imprint on the wake, and emerge in the brightness of the new day when you've perservered through the dark tunnel.

Jerrster said...

why have I not heard from you...I'm talking to you in my blog today.

Bud said...

You totally have it under control. Don't let those waves crush you. Surf those muthas!