Wednesday, November 21, 2007

This day is as beautiful and cold as a Russian mailorder bride--

I'll be getting lots of weird traffic for that!

Yes, the sadness passed, just like I knew it would.
I went out with Becky last night and we had a fine time.
I feel like I will have a steadily better and better time as the days pass, but I'm not sure why.
Like this week is going to be accelerating...
I do feel like something romantically stimulating is just around the corner, though.
Maybe that's just wishful thinking.
I met my twin last night.
He already has a twin, and they're Geminis, like me,
we have the same hair.
He's prettier than me, but has done way more drugs.
What is it with beautiful men having drugs in their past??
Oh well.
I don't know if I mentioned this or not, but I have grown very comfortable with the idea of staying single-ish for a good long time.
..."good long time" equals a year or two, fyi.
I mean, B. was truly a gift sent from the angels of mercy to soothe my weary little soul, and he remains a positive in my life, but I need to stretch my wings a bit.
He's adorable...
but it's too soon for a new commitment.
yes, I know you all knew that already.
I am in dire need of some homework time and I will continue to pray for snow so that I might be able to start skiing soon...

I'm feeling very fuzzy-brained and rambly so I'm going to stop.
Happy Thanksgiving to my Stateside friends.
Happy November to the rest o' ya.


I am Thankful for You.
I am thankful for my little boys.
And I am thankful that my marriage was finally able to be put out of its misery,
and I am thankful for the ease with which it ended.
I am thankful for my dear friends, and my dear family.
I am thankful that my kids have a father who is involved in their lives.
I am thankful for my ski pass and my pretty, new ski stuff!
I am thankful I have a car I love and feel safe in.
I am thankful I have a house of my own, fully of furniture I love.
I am thankful I have the opportunity to finish college.
and I am thankful that I have joy and peace and passion and a full spectrum of emotions in my life.


sky girl said...

Happy Thanksgiving Lisa.

Bud said...

You make perfect sense, of course. Hope your thanksgiving is fun.

meno said...

Yes, the sadness passes. But it's hard to remember that when it's here.

Dirty Man said...

Yes, uh, hello, I came here from Google and was to be believing that there were some Russian mail-order brides available...?

leen said...

Happy Thanksgiving hon. Lovely list of items to be thankful for! :-)

Irrelephant said...

And I so had my heart set on finding a Slavic blonde for cheap today. Drat!

Happy Thanksgiving, Lisa! *hugs*

Mr. L said...

"What is it with beautiful men having drugs in their past??"

Well, we have to have some relief from all the pressure society puts on us...if course, I can only speak for myself...LOL!!!

Jerrster said...

and happy thanksgiving time Lisa...the future awaits...tons of possibilities.

Lisa said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Jerry!! Isn't the New Year about possibilities...? ;)

It all becomes so clear...! Thanks Mr. L. :)

Well, I'm Irish and not presntly blonde, Irrelephant, but I'm cheap!! haaahahahahaaaaa! Yes, I'm so very funny.

And to you, Leen. I'll be right over--I miss you! (to your blog, not your house, although I AM itching for a roadtrip today...)

"dirty man", eh? It looks like you were at my house when you wrote that so...J? Sh? C'mon...fess up!

True dat, meno. True dat. (Sorry...I've developed an alternate personality and he's a little hiphop gangsta wannabe....)

Good answer, Bud! :D And I hope yours is lovely as well.

Thanks, Sky Girl! You, too... ;)

D-irty man said...

You mean you can't tell who I am?

Lisa said...

You were my first thought but then I checked my stats and it looked like the time stamp matched my home computer!!

yay for first insticts being right!!

Dragons will never kill your elven love, either, cuz she rides a unicorn and those are the one predator of dragons...