Sunday, November 25, 2007


Yes, my mountain is finally open!

I was what you'd call "giddy".
I jumped up and down and squealed as I got ready to go,
and bounced around in my seat all the way there.
When I got up to the highest resort in Big Cottonwood Canyon,
the sun was shining and the parking lot was only lightly filled.
I was buzzing still.
I got all my equipment on and I headed up to the lift...
And up I went.
And then.
There were only two lifts open, cuz there's really not much snow, but they both had green runs.
On this lift there was not a green run OPEN.
Green is for beginners, by the way.
the initial slope was very
Extremely intimidtating to someone who hasn't skiied much,
nor skiied at all for a few years.
I desperately needed a bunny hill to get my sea legs back, ya know?
Instead of despairing or hitching a ride back down on the chair lift (I don't know if that's even possible, but I thought of it!),
I took off my skiis and hiked down, past the steepy steep part.
Then a ski patrol guy asked if I was ok and I said, "Yeah. Just scared."
He told me that the trail evened out after that, so I would be ok.
Also, it's a really short run, since there's no real snow yet.
So, I got back into my skiis and I inched my way down the frigging mountain.
One run.
I drove over 2 hours roundtrip for one run.
But at least my thighs got a great workout from holding my skiis parallel to the mountain for so long...
It was fun...
I just need to take a lesson, or a FRIEND next time.
I was high as a kite as I headed home.
I did it!
I made it all on my own.
I am woman. you hear me roaring? :)

Stay tuned for more adventures in skiing soon--


D-Man said...

Too cute!

But... you guys still have snow during the summer? Weirdness.

Bud said...

Yeah, your roaring and giggling are a pleasure to hear.

richmanwisco said...

I've never seen a smile that big on ya, girl!

meno said...

Baby steps, baby steps. :)

Dick said...

Well it is off to a slow start but it was probably good to get back into skiing slowly. I know you guys have some good snow down there so you will have a good time. We are getting the heli-skiing ads on TV already from British Columbia and the local places are about to open.

Lisa said...

Yeah, D-man, and it's yesterday here--TOTAL weirdness!

You heard me across the miles, Bud, I know it! Yes, it is better to laugh than to cry, right? :)

I have not felt that much joy pulsing through my veins in a long time, richman.

Heh. Yes, Meno, it would have been nice to remember I needed to take baby steps BEFORE I faced the sheer cliff... heh. Oh well. Next time!!

We do get good powder, dick--hopefully we will get some SOON. It's supposed to snow tomorrow night and all day Thursday, but we'll see...If so, I may just have to skip school Friday!!! (focus, girl, focus...)

TH said...

You would'nt be referring to Snowbird would ya !

Cause that is MY favorite mountain to ski EVER !

I live in Ohio so I only get to ski there every other year or so !

It's the best ever snow in the world though ....LUCKY

( I came over from Jerrys site BTW)

d-man said...

Just make sure you stay away from the Sony Bono Ski School when you take lessons...

Mr. L said...

I just don't get skiing at all. If it weren't for the Sonny Bono jokes, I'd say it hadn't contributed anything to my life.

Lisa said...

Well, Mr. L, if you don't like adrenaline rushes, then it's not for you. :)

*Shudder* Good idea, d-man. Gah.

No, not Snowbird, Th, that would be Little Cottonwood...I'm in Big, which is Solitude and Brighton--Brighton's my place. But, hey, I'm no snob--they're all awesome in my opinion! Thanks for stopping by!