Saturday, November 24, 2007

I blame the full moon

...and isn't that convenient?

A good bye of sorts,
and a long time coming. pun intended.
A very happy time, even as it ends something that was started so long ago.
Even though we've both changed since then.
He got sexier.
What was once the fine physique of careless youth has been chiseled into the hardness of a man with drive, focus and determination.
Those chocolate eyes sparkle still, but the smile is truer.

The sun is rising and I am ready for more adventure.
Could be the full moon's hand reaching up my skirt,
could be the fact that I'm on day 4 of my 5 days of Kidlessness.
Either way, I'm chomping at the bit.
I should throw on some gym clothes and go work out.
Or I could go back to bed...
not really sure how much sleep I got.

I threw on my fake Uggs and a huge cardigan over my little dress to drive him home and he said, "I like your boots." (say it with a Russian accent)
First I made him some tea and we talked about the creation of the universe and the way that the extinction of the dinosaurs allowed for humans to evolve...
He loves it when I show off my brain power.
He's still young enough that he is amazed every time I demonstrate that an attractive woman CAN use her brain for more than just fashion choices and celebrity gossip.

There is homework to be done
and housework to be done
and an impromptu roadtrip to recruit participants for!
I think I'll just go back to bed instead.

Ooh, but speaking of roadtrips: my friend Dave said he would escort me into Mexico if I come to San Diego (or Whale's Vagina for you German folk!)!!!!
He is fluent in spanish and is, like, a GUY and stuff, so I would feel safer.
Will keep you posted.

On a side note, I think my Ex To Be is annoyed at me.
For one of two reasons:
a.) he can't get laid until our divorce goes through
(to hell with scruples, bring me more COCK!!!)
2- he knows that if I have a lawyer look over the papers I'll get more of "his" money.
...cuz those are his two favorite things: sex and money.
I'm really not sure which one's more important to him, but they both have a way of tweaking his chi.
And NOT in a good way.
I would say he is a smug, unhappy little man, but that whole six-foot-three-200-lbs thing makes it sound a little forced.
But David Spade still makes me giggle...

Good lord in heaven, I love my life!!!
Yes, even on the days when the Sad leaks out of me like a dripping faucet over the edge of a plugged sink...

Last night I went for a beer before dinner with Becky and there was a tall guy with a long dark ponytail playing
(bestill my heart!)
He was very friendly and encouraged me to try questing on my own...
It would never work--he's Horde and I'm Alliance, sworn enemies.
But still...
It was cool.
Also, I couldn't tell if the woman sitting with him was his mom or his wife/girlfriend/wife's girlfriend/mom's wife's girlfriend...
you get the idea.

Ok, ok.
time for bed.
Happy Saturday, dears!


Bud said...

Lately I'm confused about who's who with you. But I guess it doesn't matter as you are having such a damn good time! Continue to love your life, it's all we have.

Mr. L said...

"he can't get laid until our divorce goes through"....that's funny on so many levels...and totally unenforceable.