Saturday, November 3, 2007

Good mornin'

The cure for divorce related melancholy seems to be equal parts amazing women and fabulous men.
That came out wrong.
I have finished this day on a much different high note than I would have anticipated was necessary for the shifting of my moods, but I feel grand!
Lovely conversations with dear girlfriends always help,
and then I tumbled into a mellow, comfortable evening with 3 guys who adore me, so that never hurts.
There was the gay one who's a great kisser and shares my EXACT taste in men,
the cute one who actually voiced tonight the "I can't believe you're divorcing and I have a GIRLFRIEND" irony we were both feeling,
and the rugged one who can lift me in his arms, in any fashion, with EASE, ease I tell ya!
All of whom tell me repeatedly how fantastic I am.
All of whom touched my breasts at least twice.
a girl needs
after a week of fretting over the impending family visit in her new boyfriend's life, necessitating much less freedom in the dating department.
And the visions I had today of ripping my husband's flesh off his bones with my bare hands.
(The gay one said my hands are strong enough for that after I massaged his back)
And after feeling chunks of my own heart gouged out by his recent actions and words and ferchrissakes the replacement girl!
But I am light and happy and will take my boys to the red rocks tomorrow and we will celebrate life!
I hope I can pull it off...
One of my grandest dreams has been to take my little guys on more random, unplanned roadtrips.
Let's just see!

Happy weekend, y'all.


Itchy said...

The random, unplanned road trip is something that I look forward too myself! Have fun!

Orange said...

I wonder if your soon-to-be-ex is hankering to rip off your flesh because of your foxy new boyfriend? Maybe not, because you don't invite your boyfriend to come over when the ex will be around.

Why do you know that yuor gay friend is a great kisser?

Lisa said...

Cuz we made out once. :D
Yes, I'm considerate like that, Orange--although I think not knowing is a little harder in some ways. It really ate at him when he only knew I was dating someone and did not know who it was. ha.

Do it, itchy, do it!!!!

Bud said...

You're going to be navigating new waters for some time to come. What an adventure.