Thursday, October 25, 2007

Fraud, fraud everywhere!

Only this time, they didn't steal my credit card identity
they stole my VISUAL identity!
Someone is posting pictures of me on flikr!!!
Some awesome readers sent me an alert and I checked it out, and sure enough, there I am!
...the upside is that there are 40-something very complimentary comments between the two pictures of me.
(a third is used as this imposter's profile picture)

I guess I should just be glad they're not nudes, right?
When the considerate readers sent the email, I clicked on the link fearing the worst.
I mean...
I am going through a divorce right now--he could have taken all the un-cropped versions of nude pictures of me and posted them! know, the ones with the double chin or the weird look on your face...
and, yes, I would be more disturbed by my nudity appearing without my permission than of the "bad" shots being shown, but still.
Both ideas are disturbing.

It is almost my Free Weekend!
And I am ecstatic.
I saw my therapist last night and he was great as always.
I should be hearing from my dear boy tonight so we can finalize weekend plans...
I am almost caught up on homework again, but I just can't believe how busy I have been since the move.
I know it will calm down a little as we get settled, but I don't really mind being so busy.
It's just weird--I keep thinking I'll have all this free time but I don't.

Ok, that's all for now.
Maybe someday I will be an entertaining blogger again...
thanks for hanging in there.


Mr. L said...


Now, what is the point of posting someone else's picture? It's like stuffing your bra: if it "works", you're going to be found out! :)

sky girl said...

That's just wrong. Does it make you feel a little .... violated or something.

Something similar happened to a friend of mine but the woman took photos of my friend's son and posted them on Myspace as her own. Creepy.

Jerrster said...

this is just wrong much as I've enjoyed those's just not right.

Kate Michele said...

Ohh creepy... I'd be pissed. Are you pissed?? Like in HUNT down mode. haha.

richmanwisco said...

ahh, that new relationship euphoria. doesn't it feel great?

Feral Mom said...

You are ALWAYS an entertaining blogger. Always.


Orange said...

Lisa, those pictures are still posted at Flickr. Have you used the report abuse link yet?