Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Skippin' School....

I have tons of homework and a couple of tests to study for and I figured that a better use of my time--better than 2 hours in the car and 2 out of 3 classes staring into space--would be to stay home and FOCUS.
So, that's what I'm doing.
By blogging...
No...I just needed to post cuz I haven't posted for a few days.
And I promise that I'll focus on school as soon as I finish this.
I swear it.
It shall be done!

Ok, anyway...

So much to catch up on!
I got a badly-needed haircut yesterday and my blonde-but-thick eyebrows got their sorry selves waxed to hell, so I feel much lovelier than I did just 24 hours ago.

The SoonToBe is still trying to play games with me on occasion, but I've figured out how to outsmart him.

Today is Halloween and the boys are all dressed up and excited for the day's festivities, of which there are MANY.
Parade at 2:00 at their school (another reason for my school skippage; I would have had to leave early if I wanted to make it to the parade anyway...)
Party at 4:00 at dear Janet's house--complete with bobbing for apples, other games and non-candy treat bags!
What a doll! My hat is off to her for her bravery in hosting 25 kids...eek!
And then when we finish up there we're going to Hogi Yogi, where my old babysitter works (can't believe she's almost 18!) because they are having a big party with games and activities for the kids.
And then to bed with them!
Watching a scary movie with my heartthrob, my secret crush, my booty call--
Sweet and handsome B.
Dear B who took out my trash the other night after I fed him a late dinner of coconut chicken curry.
Took out the trash.
My jaw gapes at the sexiness of that!
Yes, guys, it's the little things.
And I for one appreciate every Thing from little to big.
So then we popped in The Shining and Shar had to run to the store and we were lying there watching it and I was trying to concentrate on Jack Nicholson in all his charming normalcy, but the beginning of that movie is far less compelling than the middle and the end especially when you've seen it before and he was TOUCHING ME so it's not like it was my fault and then I let out a low growl and I pounced on that poor boy and fucked him silly.
I think I am capable of things I never dreamed of because finally...
finally I am experiencing a level of mutual attraction I've never encountered in the flesh.
(Well, except for that first love of mine, but that was too chaste to count.)
He asked me if I would ever remarry and I said hell yes.
he seemed surprised and asked for further explanation.
I explained that I just feel ready for it, and that while I am in no rush I know I make a great wife and I love being with someone for the long term.
I said I learned a ton about how to make a marriage work because we weren't a good match but we ended up having a good marriage for most of the time anyway because we both were so willing to make it work.
I said I learned a lot about myself and what is most important to me in a spouse.
I gave him back his own question and he said that when he first got divorced he planned on never marrying again--
bought his sister a Cuckoo clock for her wedding!
He had a lot of bitterness because he said he had planned to stay married forever and she just hadn't had the same commitment--to her it had been like dating, with the breaking up and making up.
Poor sweet kid...
And he said that yes, he would get married if he found the right girl and I said exactly, because isn't that what it's all about?
Why get married if it isn't to someone you just want to spend the rest of your life with, period??
It was a cool conversation.
And did I mention the explosive sex??
...just checking.

So where are we...?
Um, on Monday I stopped by the aforementioned old babysitter's house to see if she was around.
She and her little brother (who is now almost 16 and very tall!) were there and SOOO happy to see us!
She loved my kids so much.
She babysat them on a fairly regular basis from the time they were a year old up until we moved, so for about 3 years.
She is a sweet, sweet girl.
I said, "I bet you're too old to babysit, huh?" But she said no way--she would love to watch the boys for me!
So hallelujah and hooray!
Her brother would do it, too, if she's ever not free when I need someone!
So that's pretty awesome.
I hated having no options, since I may or may not be DATING THE CUTEST BOY IN THE WESTERN HEMISPHERE RIGHT NOW!
And he likes to fly by the seat of his pants as much as I do, but when you have kids to arrange for, pant seats end up rather stationary.
She also has her own car and offered to pick them up from school anytime because she picks up her brother every day at about that time.
Which is fuggin sweeeet-ass because I am NOTORIOUS for running late!
And did I mention she's just plain adorable and I am so happy to be in touch with her again???
She has grown up A LOT since she was 15.
She's doing a CNA program concurrently with her high school and even plans to go to college for further nursing training!
I am SO PROUD. 15 her plans were to get pregnant and get married--in no particular order--as soon as possible.


Kid funny of the day:
Oliver was playing a game on his computer, on the internet, this morning before school, as they both always do.
From the playroom I hear, "Hey! I'm too busy to go back to school!"
And I could hear in his voice the wonder that the advertisement had been aimed DIRECTLY AT HIM!
...uh...sorry honey, that's for grownups who are too busy for college...get yer ass out here and get dressed!
I was dying.

So yesterday I was driving from my haircut (with my darling Slade, who does WONDERS with hair, I tell ya!) to drop off some leftover curry to Becks, who couldn't make it the night before.
I was keeping my eye on the storefronts whipping past me on State St.
I was looking for a pawn shop, hoping to find some skiis.
I didn't ever see a pawn shop, but I saw Parks Sports...
And their sign said they had K2 skiis starting at $99.
So I thought, what the hell, I'll check it out.
As it turned out, with bindings and boots those $99 skiis were over $400, but lucky for me they had a package deal for $399...bait and switch, much??
I have looked at ski prices enough lately to know that it was still a great deal so I did it.
The guy got me fitted for boots and poles and measured me for skiis and they are there having the bindings put on RIGHT NOW.
I am....ecstatic!
They are beautiful and I can't FUCKING WAIT FOR IT TO SNOW!!!!!!
If I don't go on a roadtrip for Thanksgiving, I will be at Brighton for the entire week.
Too bad I don't live in Salt Lake anymore...
Oh well.
My freeeeeeedom is worth the extra 30 minutes to get to the slopes, baby!!!
I am so friggin excited I can hardly stand it.
Now I just have to get some ski pants, a parka, gloves, and goggles...
This is why I've never gotten into skiing before!
I better check out my supplies at the SoonToBe's house.
That is, IF his girlfriend can handle not showing up unexpectedly again.
I stopped by there on Monday to grab something the kids had left there over the weekend and we had arranged for me to also collect x-mas decorations and snowpants, etc.
Just as I walk through the door he says she's on her way.
So decide to pee first, grab the kids' gameboy and peel.
No sooner did my lily white cheeks hit the seat than the GARAGE DOOR OPENED.
What the fuck?
So I scrambled back into a fully dressed status and bolted.
"Is that HER??"
He affirmed.
I continued with my bolt.
Fuck, dudes.
I had NO desire to just run into the bitch, ya know???
I'm sure I'll stumble across her eventually, but I was just not prepared.
My hands were shaking, my heart racing.
God, I was pissed.
(and full of piss, since I was robbed of my moment with my porcelain god!)
How could he do that???
He apologized the next day, but whatever.
I don't really care; it was just a deer-in-the-headlights moment and I mostly felt like he did it on purpose, not to MENTION the fact that SHE PARKS IN MY GARAGE???
Ok, so it's not mine anymore, but fuck...
That's just weird.
And he claims they're not sleeping together???
That means they're at least trying to hide her car so that if I was a lame-ass stalker (which I'm not) then I wouldn't know if/when she was there.
I can guarantee it.
Either that or she's already living there, but frankly I just don't care anymore.
All that drama almost ruined the beautiful moment we shared on the phone just before I arrived.
He thanked me for making him a better man, etc.
It was so validating to hear that!!!
Because it's true...we both made each other better and I was feeling really shafted by some of his comments and his behavior--feeling like none of that even mattered to him anymore, ya know?
And I know there is unpleasantness in divorce but when you feel like the blood sweat and tears that you gave to make someone's life better--which was common knowledge, I'm not just tooting my own horn--means nothing to that was awful.
So anyway.
The divorce train chugs along.

Well, apparently this once-or-twice-a-week blogger is very long-winded when she does blog!!!
And now that I've spent an HOUR emptying my head of all my silly stories, I think I will get ON that homework!!!
Thanks for listening, my dears!



Thomas said...

Happiness has a price. Sometimes it's dire, sometimes it's a pittance. The important thing is to recognize the bargains and take advantage of them when you can.

Have yourself a regular Blue Light Special, Lisa.

Mr. L said...

So...if you're getting a divorce, you're not allowed to stop by the house you lived in to pick up your stuff? You can't be "caught" using your ex's toilet? Your garage is a symbol of your vagina? I just don't get the crazed mindset of divorce...I just don't.

Lisa said...

So you think I'm acting crazy, Mr. L??

Amen to that, Thomas. Will do.

Bud said...

Always high entertainment here, long or not. Thanks for the thorough update. I await the arrival of Stanley.

d-man said...

I like the sound of porn shops.

Lisa said...

That d-amn accent, d-man!!! PAWN. PAWN. :D

I think they're sending the Stanley to one person on each kid's list at a time, so it may be a while...but I'm so excited to see what he does in sunny Florida!!

Mr. L said...

I think most people going through divorces act a bit nuts, Lisa. It's not just you. I suppose as long as no weapons are involved, there is a chance for rational thinking to return someday! :)