Thursday, October 18, 2007

Your wish is my command, dear Nancy!

I have been busy all week, with my sister visiting from the East Coast and taking midterms and stuff, so I offer my most sincere apologies.
Nancy Dancehall asked for details, and I will oblige!

I met this exquisite man on Friday and you read what happened next and on Sunday we spoke and yesterday I texted him a poem I wrote about him and that started a rather steamy all-afternoon text fest and then I may or may not have skipped my therapy appointment to go meet up with him...
At which point we may or may not have driven up the canyon and had steam-up-the-windows sex in the front seat of my car!
"May or may not"...
I told him that was the best therapy session I ever had.
It particularly cured what was ailing me at that precise moment.
...which was a marked lack of his skin on mine.
Ah, what a cure!
He is an angel.
He was sent to me from the stars, or the dark side of the moon, or from somewhere deep in my own complex imagination!
He loves Bob Dylan and Yeats and to touch me--
and kiss me and tell me I'm beautiful.
Do you know how long it's been since I was adored like this?
Far, far too long...
pathetically, achingly, wrenchingly long.
His smile makes me weak, like some stupid love song.
And our rhythms are synchronicity personified.

wow, this is fun!
It is just what I needed.
When I got home last night I texted him again and we were up very late exchanging sweet and sexy texts--he wanted to come over but we agreed that it was not very respectful of my guests to invite someone over for the very loud sex I am wont to have...and it tends to last a long time with this boy.
(He's a little older than I am, but he is such a kid it's hard not to call him a boy.)
We are dying to see each other again.
So much fun.
I'm on cloud 9.
At least!

The finger prints you left on my skin fade
as the ones you left on my soul grow deeper.
You trickle through me like rain through moss,
giving life.
You charge through me like a herd of wild horses,
filling me with need.
Softly we become one,
breathlessly we fuse together.


Mr. L said...

What?! I thought you were jumpin' a young 'un...well, OK, then, it's NOT like me, 24 years ago!! LOL!!!

Lily said...

I'm happy for ya girl... but also jealous. very very VERY jealous.

Lisa said...

Come visit, Lil--the place is crawlin' with 'em! :)

Well, there was a young 'un on deck at one point, and he was a lot of fun, too, but this is more than fun...

Bud said...

My favorite lines of yours in a while:
"The finger prints you left on my skin fade
as the ones you left on my soul grow deeper."

This is so nice to read about. I love that this is happening to you.

leen said...

yeah, what lily said!



meno said...

"Do you know how long it's been since I was adored like this?"

Something for us all to think about.

Irrelephant said...

Don't we all just want to be appreciated a little bit.

Lisa said...

Too true, irrelephant. :) Being with a person who appreciated only one thing about me was making my soul a bit worn and stretched out...This, on the other hand, is very rejuvenating!! :D

It is, it is, Meno...We should all appreciate the one we love!

You're invited, too, Leen...would love to share the joy and a bottle of wine!!

Thank you so much, Bud. :) I love the way it feels, too!!!